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May 6, 2005

The Henry Ford of IT

Boris By Boris Pevzner

I was giving a talk to a roomful of Chicago area IT executives the other day.  As the conversation unfolded during the Q&A, I remarked that, paradoxically, while most of the large IT organizations have by now embraced IT Service Management, few have formally defined the very IT services they are delivering to their internal users.  This is like a manufacturing organization implementing an MRP system without defining Bills Of Materials for the products being manufactured.  Without a clearly defined BOM, is there any chance the product will be manufactured on schedule? to specifications? cost-effectively? – I don’t think so.

Similarly, how can you “manage” (deliver, support, plan for) IT services before formally defining what these services are?  This seems like an obvious point, and yet most of the folks implementing ITIL and other service management frameworks still do not have a service catalog in place!

I explained to the audience how we have been working with large Global 1000 organizations to help them productize their IT offerings, define them in a service catalog, and deliver them as a repeatable, cost-effective, workflow-driven “IT Factory.”  I highlighted the benefits and the significant business impact of making this transformation.  I showed some recent case studies of the “IT Factories” we helped to build.  I saw the eyes opening wide, heads nodding, and understanding setting in.

Then an IT executive from a large financial services conglomerate made a comment that made everyone smile.

“Aha,” he said.  “So you are the Henry Ford of IT.”

“Thank you,” I said. “I certainly appreciate the complement!”

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